Fish washing machine

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Vendor: Dalremmash

It is intended for a sink of food fishes and it is established on courts and the coastal enterprises of a fishing industry.

The fish moves in the loading hatch of the car, at rotation of a drum the fish mixs up, washed out by water and on a spiral acts to a window of a unloading. Therefrom it move on the conveyor or to container.

Under a drum the pallet for gathering and plum of water is established.



Productivity (t / hr ) to 3.0

Drum speed ( rev / min) : 27

The inner diameter of the drum (mm ) : 635

Water flow rate (m3 / hour): from 2 to 2.5

Installed capacity (kW ) : 2.2 (3.0 )

Weight ( kg): 440

Dimensions (mm) :

Length : 2000 Width: 960 , Height: 1540