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Our company makes designs and produce factories, shops, areas for  processing of fish and seafood on the technical 
conditions of
the customers. We do make orders for the customer's such as developing with customers size drawings
and produce a variety
of equipment - conveyors , centrifuges , trolleys , metal and so on . There are listed examples of projects below:

The mechanized fish processing area:


1. Device for beheading Salmon fish UOL-2.00.000  

2. Scrapper conveyor for carcass removal МА-КОТ-1.00.000-01

3. Scrapper conveyor for removing heads МА-КОГ-1.00.000

4. Inclined tray  

5. Drive tray 

6. Processing fish machine МР-1.00.000

7. The mashine control panel МР-

9. Sorting conveyor МР-

10. Inspection table

Productivity       Pink salmon 40 tons/per 24 hours, dog salmon100 tons/24 hours
Quantity of working places                                        8 people
 Overall area dimentions              15000 х 7000 х 3500 мм


Area for production of salted salmon roe


1. The punching roe processing

2. Roe supply conveyor 

3. The machine for salting row and separating of brine 

4. Hoist with capture 

5. The roe Inspection table 

6. Roller 

7. Tilter 

8. Receiving table 

9. The roe punching table 

10. Cooling of the roe (yastick)

11. Stecci - tray 

12. Shelves for cleaning of tray 

13. Busket 

14. Antiseptic post 

Productivity  7 tonn/24 hours
Quantity of working places  10 people
Overall area dimentions                    15400 х 7900 х 3500 мм              


 Area for the salmon fish processing 


1. Tray table 

2. Bypass tray

3. Device for beheading of the salmon fish UOL 

4. Scrapper conveyor

5. Scrapper conveyor

6. Processing conveyor of two phases (2-furious)

7. Consumption tray 

8. Device for cleaning of the blood kidney  UZ 

9. Fish washing machine

10. Scrapper conveyor 

11. Cumulative Bunker 

12. Packing fish area 

13. Table 

14. Chain conveyor

15. Receiving table 

16. Pipeline system for the roe and milt removals 

Productivity               dog salmon 40 tonn/24 hours
Quantity of working places                                           10 people
Overall area dimentions                   14000 х 7000 х 3500 мм