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Dalremmash is the venture of food machinery and since 1945 successfully provide services at Russian market , earlier it was called “The Prodmash”.

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The leading activity of the company - design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of production lines and equipment for cutting, processing of fish and seafood, including gutting fish  machines, ice machines, cutting machines seaweed, shrimp processing lines for pure meat processing equipment crab, cutting tables, conveyors of different types, sizes and purposes.

In the second half of the 90s the company started to produce sets of processing equipment for the lines, sites and shops on complex processing of salmon - chopping, caviar, liquid. The advantages of these lines is cutting salmon fish feed mechanization to working tables and removal of product cuts to further processing.

In 2011 there have been developed and patented the machines for beheading and cutting of a fish, a line of a mechanical punched roe, as well as an arrangement of trimming and beheading of  salmon fishes.

In 2011 - the beginning of 2012 pre-production models of machines lines have been made and tested. By 2012 the line of a mechanical punched  roe МPI-1 has been delivered to The fishing collective farm by the  name of 50 years of October  Khabarovsk "Datta" territory and with advantage has passed operation on coastal of the Fish base. The output of caviar at a mechanical punched roe line MPI-1 has made 95 % from weight submitted in the roe, that is above of the foreign analogues.