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Vendor: Dalremmash
 Designed to separate the pulp (soybean emulsion) on the basis of soy 
protein (OSB) and pulp by contituous filtration. In the case of the centrifuge
is installed basket with holes and filter. At the bottom of the basket drain
hole for OSB, and at the top - tray pulp. Filling is carried out through slurry
pipe which is located in the center of the case.

Components Nodes and the machine parts that come into the contacts
with food products and fluids are made of stainless steel 12X18H10T


Productivity (m3 / h) : 0.4

Number of revolutions ( rev / min) 3000

Installed capacity (kW ) : 0.75

Dimensions (mm) :

Length: 660 , Width: 500 , Height: 430