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Electric hydraulic dock levelers

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Hydraulic yard ramp is also called stationary dock leveler, which is variously used in logistics, railway, warehouse

Stationary hydraulic yard ramp is also called stationary dock leveler, which is variously used in logistics, railway, warehouse work as accessory equipment. The yard ramp can be fixed on the pit that is deserved in the platform, and it will adjust the height to the cargo trucks.

This equipment can save labor work and promote the efficiency safely and conveniently.  he stationary yard ramp is operated easily with electricity and hydraulic power.




1.Load capacity: 60T 

2.Table size: length: 2150, width: 2000, height: 600 

3. Place of Origin: Khabarovsk, Russia

4.Move easily

 5. Max. angle of lifting height: 110 degree

 6. Net weight: 650 kg

 7. Recommended angel of decline of the table: 70 degree

 8. Material type: Steel